My Park Service

My Park Service

MyPark is here to reserve your personal parking space at Yas Mall!

Parking frustration is a universal experience–one we all recognize too well. That is why Yas Mall partnered with MyPark to come up with the perfect solution to one of the most irritating driving experiences, finding a parking space.

MyPark allows you to control when, where and how long you park your car for using your smartphone. No more looking for parking space, no handing your precious keys over and no forgetting where you parked.

Now park in your most preferred parking spot at YAS Mall whenever you want

Know how to use My Park at YAS Mall

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My Park Service
So easy to use!

Download the MyPark app & quickly register using Facebook or with your Email address.

My Park Service
No more parking or waiting frustration!

With MyPark, you park in the best available premium spot, keep your keys, stay as long as you want and leave immediately when you want.

It’s so simple!

MyPark allows you to find, reserve, and access your parking spot at YAS Mall, from your smartphone, hassle free!

How To Use?

My Park Service

Download MyPark App Now!

Choose your App Store and download the free application now!

To use MyPark at Yas Mall follow the steps below:

  • Download the MyPark App on iPhone or Android
  • Register your account using your email/phone number
  • Book your parking space using the App
  • Locate parking section A or follow the MyPark signs in the parking lot
  • A device holding your space will be waiting for you
  • Use your smartphone to confirm your arrival
  • Park your car!

Please note if no parking spaces are available you will not be able to proceed with the steps above.

MyPark is a revolutionary reservation system that allows you to reserve a premium spot, fifteen minutes or even up to six months in advance, just using an app on your phone.

With MyPark, you park yourself in the best available premium parking space and get to keep your keys.

As long as you want. You will be charged after you leave, based on the rates at mentioned in the application.

Yes. Your first use is free using the promo code “MYPARK1”.

Yes, the closest will show first.

When you select the location, push the yellow “Directions” button on the left of the image taking you to your preferred map in the App. Once you arrive to the location, select the “Section Diagram” button. Each location is clearly identified with signs to make it easy finding your assigned space. Each space number is clearly identified on the wall or on a signpost.

Yes, go to your reservation (calendar icon in top right corner) and tap the “Running Late, ADD 15 min” button, for one-time extension. Only one-time extension is available per reservation. A fee may apply to extend for an additional 15 minutes.

Your reservation will expire, and the space will be available for another user. You can make another reservation but be sure you don’t let 2 reservations expire in a day – if you do, the system will block you for 24 hours. Remember these are premium spaces, we want them to be available for everyone. A cancellation fee may be charged at some locations.

Yes, just open your reservation and it will show you Section A and specific space where you parked.

No, but in case you want to change your spot, simply click the “Switch Space” button in your reservation, and the next best spot will be assigned to you.

You can make a reservation and when the person is there, you can tap “Let me in” on your phone and the arm will go down for that user”. When the person leaves, the event will be charged to your credit card.
We are going to introduce gift coupon codes in the near future.

No, you only need your mobile network connection to use the app. If a Wi-Fi connection is available at the site, you can use it to access the app.

No. When you have made a reservation and tap “Let me in” the arm folds for you and it will stay down until you leave.

Up to six months.

Just tap “Switch Space” and you will get the next best available spot assigned immediately.
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