Yas Mall Squads

Welcome to the new Yas Mall! Get ready to discover it all, from fabulous flagship stores to unique food concepts and mind-blowing experiences. Shopping will never be the same.


Are you a fashionista always on the hunt for the latest trends? Look no further! From high street to fashion week, we have something for every look. Visit the most unique retail experiences, including our new flagship stores, and complete your pose with the latest outfits, shoes and accessories.

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Looking for the perfect statement piece, a timeless treasure or everyday bling? Check out our curated selection of the finest jewelry brands, offering a blend of classic and modern styles, and shine bright whatever your taste.

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Discover the world's top makeup and perfume brands that will unleash your inner beauty and captivate your senses. Dazzle in the latest beauty trends and complete your look with a spritz of your favorite scents.

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Calling all foodies! Our unique food destinations and concepts will take your taste buds on a journey around the world. From a variety of your favorite restaurants to decadent cafes and outdoor terraces, there is something to satisfy every taste and occasion.

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