Read about YAS Mall’s safety measures

YAS Mall has put all the health and safety measures in place as per the UAE authority requirements.

During this lockdown period, we have worked relentlessly towards preparing and refurbishing your favorite Mall, so that you and your loved ones can have a safe and comfortable shopping experience.

As a responsible customer, we request you to please follow a few basic health and safety guidelines while shopping at Yas Mall.
  • Get Prepared to Visit Yas mall

    • Do slip on your gloves and mask before entering the mall. Keep them on throughout the duration of your shopping.

    • Bring your own shopping bags (we’re sure you have an enviable collection)

    • Use your card, rather than cash, to shop

    • Please use the designated entry and exit gates.

    • For your safety, all entrances are equipped with thermal cameras.

    • Do appreciate that if your temperature reading is higher than 38 degree C, you will be requested to return home.

  • Safety Is our Priority

    • All our Staff will be given a swab test and a thorough medical examination before we reopen our doors to you.

    • To ensure hygiene of the highest standard, you will find sanitizer dispensers at every entrance, exits, in restrooms and throughout the mall, 10-20 meters apart.

    • We urge you to use only the escalators, as lifts are restricted for those with special needs and parents with strollers

    • As an added safety feature, you will find stickers on escalator steps so that no one comes too close to you. Social distancing is still very important!

    • Another step towards escalator safety: handrails will be sterilized and sanitized.

    • Do rely on your instincts while shopping for clothes, as fitting rooms will not be available for trials. The same goes for make-up testers and shoes.

    • We will not be able to honor returns or exchanges either, during this period.

    • In order to avoid crowding in restrooms, entry will be managed and monitored by security. Please do use the floor decals and stickers to maintain a safe distance from other users.

    • One last thing. You may find your preferred nook or comfy couch missing so you may not be able to put your feet up and relax at the Mall. Do bear with us. We have removed all seating to ensure you don’t have to deal with large groups in public spaces.

  • Restaurants & F&B sections

    • You don’t have to wait any more to enjoy the delicacies you have been dreaming of all these days. But do remember:

    • Restaurants and the food court will be operating only at 30% capacity

    • We can only seat 2 per table, with a social distance of 2.5 meters between tables

    • You can savor your dish only on disposable cutlery and utensils and take-away packaging

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At YAS Mall your safety is our priority.
  • When you are here with us

    • To prevent crowding and ensure adequate distancing, fewer customers will be allowed into stores. Do wait your turn and then shop peacefully in complete privacy.

    • While up and running, lifts and escalators will be sanitized every 20 minutes

    • All frequently used access or touchpoints like door handles, trolleys, tissue dispensers and sensors will be sanitized after each use

    • For your safety, all touch screens will be disabled as well

    • Entrance doors will always be open

    • Wheelchairs and Customer Information Desks will be sanitized after each use or interaction. So feel free to approach us for any sort of help.

    • All Mall staff will wear gloves and masks at all times

    • Check-out staff at stores and supermarkets will observe a strict sanitization regime through frequent sanitizing and washing of hands

    • Security staff will ensure social distancing at every entrance check in and are authorized to deny access if health and safety requirements are not fulfilled

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  • When you are back home

    • Restrooms will be sanitized every night, as well as all frequent touch points

    • Card machines will be sanitized

    • All products handled by customers will be sanitized and then placed back on the shelves

    • All stores and restaurants will be completely sanitized DAILY as per Government requirements

    • Staff transportation and accommodation will be maintained as per the guidelines of the Health Department

    • Staff uniforms and working tools will be sanitized daily

  • Going one step further

    We also request you, dear shopper:

    • Do keep a safe social distance between cars by ensuring there is 1 free parking lot between your car and the next

    • For your safety, no valet parking or car wash services will be available at this time

    Rest assured, Yas Mall is safe and ready to receive you so you can open up and experience life again after all these weeks on lockdown mode.

    See you soon. We’ve missed you!

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