Sunflower Initiative

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Initiative

Yas Mall’s latest collaboration with Zayed Higher Organization, is to introduce the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower initiative. As part of Aldar’s commitment to the community, this initiative aims to support People of Determination and, on this occasion, specifically adults and children with hidden disabilities that may not be physically noticeable.

To help ease their shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure experience at Yas Mall, visitors with hidden disabilities will obtain a Sunflower Lanyard from any customer service desks within the mall. The green lanyard with simple flower design is intended to be a discreet sign enabling staff to recognise that the wearer (or someone with them) may require some extra help, time or assistance when moving through the mall or visiting a particular store.

Hidden disabilities can include learning difficulties, mental health as well as mobility, speech, visual or hearing impairments. They can also include asthma, lung conditions, as well as chronic illnesses that significantly impact day-to-day life. Living with these conditions can make daily life more demanding for many people and affect each person in different ways, which can be difficult for others to recognise or acknowledge.

Should you see someone wearing the lanyard, we kindly ask you to be mindful, show respect and offer help, while bearing the following in mind:

• Recognise the lanyard from far

• Do not ask about the type of disability directly

• Be patient

• Be clear and slow when talking

• Do not ignore them

• Discourage other customers from judging or interfering in case of a sudden action comes from the wearer

• Be kind and always smile to them

We look forward to our visitors and staff’s constant support, enthusiasm, and dedication towards this new initiative, to ensure that Yas Mall remains a more inclusive and welcoming space for all.

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