We at Hästens strongly believe that natural material is the best material to sleep on for many reasons. We want to make sure that you are sleeping on a bed completely free from any chemicals and stabilizers such as polyurethane or petroleum that are used in all foam and latex mattresses. Hästens Beds are all handcrafted from Sweden, made in the same fashion since 1852 using only 100% natural material such as horsehair, wool, cotton, flax and Swedish pinewood. Using only nature’s finest materials allows the bed to breathe and air to circulate through, creating a cool, dry and the most comfortable sleeping environment. Each Hästens bed comes with a 25-year guarantee! The horsehair is hollow and works like a natural built in air conditioner. Horsehair is also completely resistant to moisture and will stay completely dry eliminating all dust mites, bed bugs and bacteria that are usually found inside other mattresses. All Hästens Beds also have a patented spring system with individually wrapped springs that work independently from each other allowing the bed to completely contour and conform to your back, or to your side, giving full support without any pressure points, providing uninterrupted deeper sleep with more completed sleep cycles and with less tossing and turning in order to relieve pressure and provide circulation.

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