Urban Art Zone

All Day
Nov 10 2016 - Nov 11 2016

Discover the Urban Art Zone in Yas Mall as part of our Yasalam celebrations with four activities for you, your friends and your family to enjoy.
• Witness a live music & art crossover installation as a baby grand piano is painted by a local artist and played simultaneously by a talented pianist.
• See the combination of tradition and the contemporary with 'Calligraffiti' as a local artist personalizes various items with creative calligraphy, and then let your children create their own decorated toys.
• Try our 'Flash tattoos' (similar to henna) in white, gold, silver, black and accent colours, with added metallic or neon crystals.
• And finally, explore your creative side at our Origami workshop as you receive lessons from artists to turn sheets printed with graffiti, mashrabiya and henna
designs into inspiring origami shapes.

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