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An authentic American denim brand, Lee is rooted in a strong work-wear heritage.Lee was established as the H.D Lee Mercantile Company in 1889 by pioneering entrepreneur Henry David Lee in Salina, Kansas, USA. Unhappy with the inconsistent quality of work-wear HD Lee decided he could do it better and opened a factory manufacturing overalls, dungarees and jackets for the workers. Lee clothing was a success thanks to its quality, durability, smart look and good fit. Lee has become the symbol of real people around the world, a democratic brand that delivers smart, high quality denim andcasual apparel.Over the following years Lee has kept up with the pace of development and innovation to deliver clothes for people as their lives and needs evolve. Today, 125 years since it started, Lee is recognized as one of the founders of the denim category, and is known across the globe as an authentic American denim brand rooted in a true work wear heritage. Lee offers jeans-wear and accessories with a wide choice of great fits and finishes for men, women and children.

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