Lemongrass Thai Restaurant


Established in 2002, Lemongrass Thai Restaurant is an authentic Thai cuisine offering 4 star full casual dining restaurant services.


Home-cooked Thai recipes prepared by experienced Thai Chefs secure a  Lemongrass experience that goes beyond the hospitality that Thailand is renowned for. Lemongrass Thai Restaurant decided to go back to the basics and replicate authentic Thai recipes, balancing herbs and spices together with main ingredients, to bring out certain textures and colours in a wide variety of flavours.


Lemongrass Thai Restaurant ambiance and architectural features can be described as minimalist Southeast Asian décor with warm atmosphere.  Earthy colors and natural elements are used inside the restaurant, such as wood, pebbles, terra-cotta (or similar) floor tiles, soft light ambiance, sofa lounge corner, sepia photograph, Thai wood artifacts and green plants, in addition to a chill-out music that is played in the background.

For 12 years of operations, Lemongrass Thai Restaurant has grown and earned media recognition as the Best Independent Southeast Asian Restaurant. 

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