Gloria Jeans Café


Gloria Jean’s Coffees is an Australian owned global company that has opened 1,000 coffee houses and signed 36 Master Franchise agreements across 41 countries worldwide. Gloria Jean’s Coffees is now Australia’s largest and most recognized specialty coffee retailer serving an estimated 7 million guest each month and is also listed as one of Australia’s Top 1,000 Companies and top 500 Private Companies. Gloria Jean’s Coffees is a coffee specialist which is passionately committed to creating the ultimate coffee experience for every guest from bean to cup. The Gloria Jean’s Coffees difference comes from a true dedication to handmade coffee - from hand picking beans to handcrafting each individual cup.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees runs our very own Coffee University where all our franchise partners and staff train for six weeks in the art of making quality coffee. This means that at each coffee house, we have expertly-trained and accredited baristas who handcraft each drink to perfection. In 2008 Gloria Jean’s Coffees was awarded the Rainforest Alliance Corporate Green Globe Award. Which recognized the company’s work in supporting global sustainability in agriculture, forestry and tourism? Gloria Jean’s Coffees has been voted by the Super brands Council and over 2,500 Marketing professionals in the UAE as a Super brand for 2010. Gloria Jean’s Coffees currently has 46 stores operating in the UAE with exciting plans for expansion over the next 12 months.




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