The first ka’ek connoisseurs in the Gulf region are busy earning their qualifications at our first outlet in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Why don’t you join them and see what all the fuss is about.

Our next graduates will be in Dubai and then the other major centres in the Gulf region. After that, who knows – maybe ka’ek will take over the world!

But this is no overnight success. Like any good education, it has taken our dedicated ka’ekologists many years to perfect ka’ekology, the science of delicious, and brings the ancient tradition of ka’ek up-to-date. Some things we have modernized but others we have kept the same – like the traditional ka’ek serving carts which have been in use for generations in the Levant. Look out for our modern, bright-yellow ka’ekology carts in your city soon.

We have also remained true to the local, family spirit of this ancient food; we support many needy families by buying many of our products from them rather than the big suppliers – anything from olives to jams and pastes. The families make delicious products and we are helping to support them financially. So when you eat ka’ek you eat delicious, freshly made homemade products and help the less privileged in society. That’s the ka’ek win-win!

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