Yas Mall

Winter Events


11 December-3 January 2015

Yas Mall marked the winter season in December with a variety of entertaining activities for families and children. Shoppers can enjoy the ‘iWish House’, where they record wishes for items from select stores for a chance to have their wish come true! Shoppers can also practice their skating skills at Yas Mall’s ice rink, and enjoy a variety of other winter themed sights and activities. Yas Mall will then welcome in the new year with beautiful decorations and engaging activities for all.

No Activity Date Time
1 Children Singing - Live Performance  21st -23rd Dec 2014 18:00-18:20 / 19:30-19:50
2 Storytelling by Mrs. Claus 21st -23rd Dec 2014 14:00, 15:00, 16:00. 17:20
3 Santa's Tour with His Little Helpers: Ice & Snow  11th-24th Dec 2014 17:00 - 17:30
4 Santa's Meet & Greet at the Grotto 11th-24th Dec 2014 17:30-22:00
5 "My Wish List" in Collaboration with Hamleys  11th-24th Dec 2014 17:30-22:00
6 Performing Elves & Singing Baubles  19th-24th Dec 2014 Hourly from 14:00-19:00
7 iWish House  18th-27th Dec 2014 12:00-20:00
8 Ice Rink  18th Dec-3rd Jan 2014 12:00-20:00
9 Hot Chocolate Hut Sponsored by Yas Island Radisson Blu Hotel  18th Dec-3rd Jan 2014 12:00-20:00






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